Now That's Quality

INCOMING RANT: There is one complaint that some people make about cars that enrages me. After slamming the door for like 4-5 times they say, “It seems kinda light, feels cheap.”

The door is exactly like every other car door. Aluminum? CHEAP. Let’s just save millions of dollars of engineering and R&D costs because these people already know what quality is: HEAVY ASS DOORS.



Who cares if the doors will open thousands of times over the life of the car? These doors need to be solid, hefty, and substantial. These people want something that reminds them of the rock that they roll in front of their cave before leaving for a big buffalo hunt.

You could literally fill the doors with bricks & lead and these people would be like, “NOW THAT’S QUALITY!”


Never mind the ambient noise reduction or how even the gaps are between body panels. None of that matters. Make them earn a spot in the vehicle.

I feel better.

Now, tell me what enrages you about customers, tire kickers, or door slammers.

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